An Inspiring Afternoon

Last August, I held a fundraiser to benefit a local family with a child with cancer.  Josh Carin and his wife participated by scheduling a photography session for their little girl and her horse, Lil’ Bit. 

Because I’m using full names here, I won’t include any recognizable pictures of that adorable little girl.  But I’ll throwing in a nice father/daughter moment from that shoot, to remind readers that I actually am a photographer.

But this post isn’t actually about my being a photographer.

Knowing of our shared corporate commitment to giving back to the community, Josh invited me to attend the first meeting of  Companies for Causes. The organization seeks to bring together like-minded CEO’s and non-profits for the purpose of creating long-term change in the region.   The meeting was scheduled to be 5 hours long.

This is my busy season, so I seriously considered blowing it off.  To be honest, I anticipated a round table discussion on the vast needs of the community and our corporate responsibility toward its improvement, followed by a request for a large check.  Just another group wanting to control my corporate giving. Ugh. Maybe the food would be good at least, I thought to myself.  Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Not about the food, it actually was pretty good.  But about the rest of it. First of all, there were about 120 people there.  Second, the 5 hours flew by as one inspiring CEO after another spoke. The discussion centered on how can we, as small-to mid-sized companies, might better leverage people, other resources and lastly money, in order to have the biggest impact.  Presentations included thoughtful and honest discussion of past successes and failures.

The meeting was last week and I’m still feeling its glow.  I’m really glad I didn’t allow the “I’m just to busy right now,” inclination to win out.

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