Sometimes a Puppy is Just a Puppy

I am working on a totally fun project; documenting the lives and training of a litter of 8 goldens for paws4people.  If you are not familiar with the organization, paws4people is a non-profit that has prison inmates train service, educational assistance, rehabilitative assistance and social therapy dogs.

The puppies, still just six weeks old, have already received early neurological stimulation as well as tons of socialization through a parade of old and very young visitors. Kyria Henry, co-founder of paws4people,  has also started them on simple commands, like sit.

I had never heard of neurological stimulation, fascinating stuff.  I was out to see the puppies last week and can tell you that several of them are sitting like champs. They aren’t great about doing it on command, but just the sitting is progress.  I’m behind on processing the more recent pictures I have taken, but will post them here when they are ready.

Born on September 26, the puppies will be ready for transfer to their inmate trainers around Christmas time.  After their training is completed, they will be matched with soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here are just a few highlights:

If you want to see more images of these tiny pups, click here.

And lest you fear that I don’t also find older dogs adorable:

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4 Responses to Sometimes a Puppy is Just a Puppy

  1. Chuck Rose says:

    As the owner of an 11 year old Golden, I can’t imagine a greater treasure for a returning verteran than the love, loyalty and companionship of one of the greatest breeds on the planet. I have no idea what a returning soldier goes through, but I do know that having a best friend like this, in any situation, can do nothing but help.

    What a great project, and wonderful photos!


  2. Nancy Eichler says:

    Love this Paws4People program…thanks for sharing your side of their work. My mom used to work at the blind school in Pittsburgh and has some great stories of seeing eye dogs interacting with their owners. I only wish someone could have photographed them.

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