From TV to Permanent Home

In the Washington DC metro area, foster kids who are available for adoption, bravely go on NBC-4 in hopes that someone wonderful will see their segment and want to become their “forever family.”

Many of the children describe the hour or so they spend with Barbara Harrison, the local newscaster, as the best day of their lives. I go so that the kids have photographs to help remember their special day.

Last week’s segment featured Danetta, a charming girl turning 16, visiting the simulation lab used by medical students at George Washington University Hospital.  She hopes to be a doctor some day and last week, she got the chance to see if she has what it takes.

Click here to meet this terrific young lady who wants to know that when she comes home from college, she will be coming home to caring parents who she can call mom and dad.  Oh and spoiler alert, Danetta gets to do a few medical procedures!

If any of my photographer-readers are interested in volunteering, Wednesday’s Child also appears NYC, LA, Atlanta and Philly and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were thrilled to get a phone call from a professional photographer.  And, if you are local and interested, please let me know.  There are times when I am unable to attend the shoots and would love to have photographers who can fill in.

In addition to the kids getting keepsake pictures which I print at the shoot, the social workers use my photos to help introduce the kids to potential adoption parents.

Through Wednesday’s Child (sponsored around the country by Freddie Mac) I have met the most wonderful kids, photographed the most moving adoption ceremonies, and been witness to some heart-wrenching stories.

If you are looking to make a difference as a photographer, this could be a great fit for you.

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