48 Hours at the Animal Medical Center in NYC

Those of you followed our travel blog: Fred and Hank Mark

Me, Fred, Hank and Jim

America, may not be surprised to hear that one of our beagles, Hank, has gotten into trouble again.

Although a scavenger and a thief, he has never been interested in pill bottles before.  So I didn’t think twice about leaving a new bottle of Advil on the coffee table, a visual reminder that I’m supposed to be taking it three times per day for my aching heel.

Hank and Fred

We returned from dinner last night to find an innocent-looking Fred, feigning sleep, a chewed, mostly empty Advil bottle, a somewhat lethargic and listing Hank and throw-up everywhere. I called poison control (888 426-4435) as Jim quickly calculated how many pills were missing. We were horrified to realize that Hank had ingested 57 Advils.

After about twenty minutes which included the five+ on hold and the three it took take my credit card information, we were told to race them both to the emergency room.

I won’t go into detail about the frustration we felt when we arrived out of breath at the ASPCA located just blocks from our apartment, and discovered that the emergency room is actually located 30 blocks away. But the net result was a semi-hysterical call to the parking garage, “I need my car right away!”  We all piled in and raced down Second Avenue, thankful that at 11:00, traffic is light in NYC.

Fred and Hank

While we are pretty sure that Fred was a silent observer to the theft, destruction and eating of the Advil, both dogs are being treated as victims of a major overdose with 48 hours of observation, IV fluids, charcoal and other meds. Fred has to be pretty pissed off by now that he has to go through all of that when all he did was watch.

As for Hank, they told us they will know more tomorrow, but we won’t know if he is completely out of the woods for at least 48 hours. We are clinging to the fact that they did say it was a good sign that he had so far not shown any signs of central nervous system impact.

Hank is an awesome dog, virtually unrecognizable from the scrawny, skittish little beagle he was when we got him from Homeward Trails Rescue in January 2007. Here are a few things you may not know about Hank:

He likes the occasional night out on the town, preferably not at the emergency room.

Politically, he's an independent.

He's a Jets fan. (As is Fred, by the way)

He generally gets along well with Fred, although there is some occasional friction.

He may have been the flying nun in another life.

While we are very hopeful that Hank will make a full recovery, don’t hesitate to send some positive thoughts our way, if you have some time this morning.

And, lest I not include something for my photographer readers:  If I used Lightroom to categorize my images, I would have been able to easily, and quickly, pull all kinds of great Fred and Hank pictures from the thousands I have taken over the years.

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6 Responses to 48 Hours at the Animal Medical Center in NYC

  1. Chris says:

    Sending prayers and good thoughts for my happy NYC buddy Hank, and Fred too. Hope all will be fine with both, and you guys as well. Thinking of all of you…

  2. Joan says:

    Sending prayers and love to you and Hank for a full recovery! – Joan Burnett

  3. Nancy Eichler says:

    Loads and loads of prayers on a full recovery, Hank!! He looks very handsome in his tux, but should really consider a switch to the Steelers — Now for the flying nun, WOW! Classic! Even Sally Field would take a bow (wow) to Hank! Extra biscuits for Fred for having to deal w/ guilt by association…in the future, he ought to make some better choices on who he “loafs around with” (to quote one of my mother’s old sayings). 😀 Big canine kisses from some four-legged friends in Lake Worth, FL – Daisy, Kaya and Chloe!!

  4. Tammy Kennon says:

    😦 Poor Hank. Poor Fred. Please keep us posted.

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