How I Spent My Summer Vacation

My husband, Jim, and I decided to spend two months in NYC, before taking a multi-month journey to Alaska with our two beagles. (Episode three of Fred takes America and  Fred and Hank Mark America).

But we were having a great time in NY and work got in the way of disappearing for a few months. Instead, we extended our NY stay, splitting our time between Manhattan and Northern Virginia.

Traveling back to Virginia to work, starting to build a business and beginning some non- profit projects in New York, keeping up with friends, renewing old friendships, making new friends and having a beloved beagle consume 57 Advil, all made for a very busy summer.

I started photographing the Wednesday’s Children for NBC-4/NY and NYC Social Services.  I’ve been photographing the DC/NBC-4 Wednesday’s Children for the past 6 years. See more about that here.

Wednesday’s Child is a weekly local news segment that features a child or sibling group of foster children who are available for adoption. The program, sponsored by Freddie Mac, is being honored this year with a Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s: Angel in Adoption Award. 

I met some interesting people, including Griff, a local street-personality who was proud to show me his new leg. And Maria, whose dog, Baby, needed a life saving operation.


Poor Baby had tried to eat a sewing needles which had gotten imbedded in her cheek. She had a terrible infection and was in terrible pain, last I heard she was making a terrific recovery after surgery.

And I worked.  Here are some highlights:

New York Metro Area

I fell in love with sweet Gino! See more of Gino here:

This little guy is a competitive fencer.

This wonderful chatterbox entertained his entire family during our shoot.

Shadow, my sister's dog, has bragging rights on getting the cover of the Great Falls (VA) Connection Newspaper.

I have photographed lots and lots of dogs and puppies and some cats, but Newky (new kitty) was my first kitten.

I really couldn't get enough of the adorable Gino.

The delightful entertainer attempting to get his family organized.

Highlights from the DC Metro Area

The shoot was scheduled for the morning of Hurricane Irene, but we refused to let the doomsday threats get in the way of our annual shoot.

This poor little gal had swimmers ear on the day of our shoot. She was a real trooper, taking a little rest here.

I asked the little boy to whisper a secret in his sister's ear. In a 5-year old whisper I heard him say, "I love you!"

I've been photographing these totally fun siblings for 7 or so years. Each shoot is a reflection of their humor-filled relationship.

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4 Responses to How I Spent My Summer Vacation

  1. Linda Crayton says:

    What a summer! I love all that you do. Miss you already!

  2. Lara MGlamery says:

    Awesome photos — each one telling a story. Love it

  3. Steve Buttry says:

    Spectacular photos, as usual!

  4. Cynthia Hovda says:

    Love it, love it, love it!

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