Three week old puppies go to prison for training

When I got the call asking me if I would be able to go to the puppy transfer of Claire’s second litter, I was thrilled. (click to learn more about my experiences with and here to learn about the non-profit’s co-founder.)

One of the puppies on the day they were born.

This was the first time a paws4people litter was starting their training before they were ready to leave their mom, who was going with them.  And it was also the first time I was going to the Lakin State Correctional Facility.

I found the trainers there to be just as terrific as they are at Hazelton Penitentiary.  And, of course, the excitement surrounding the arrival of those tiny puppies was huge.

There are lots of restrictions on taking pictures when I go to the prisons, and normally, I am unable to share most images publicly.

But, I like to put together a slideshow for the trainers after I visit, and this one has been released for posting on the paws4people blog.

Sorry for the extra click, but if you are interested in “meeting” the wonderful trainers at the Lakin State Correctional Facility, photographed with the three week old puppies and the older dogs who have been in training there for a while, click here.

Fingers crossed that a recent shoot where the trainers demonstrated one of the dog’s ability to read will also be released!

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