A Little History, Pictures from the First Annual Family Reunion, Graduation 2012 and More!

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Photographing the 2009 Fall Graduation at Hazelton Penitentiary was my first official shoot with Witnessing the caring and committed trainers as they somberly said good-bye to their 4-legged charges, now ready to make a difference for appreciative veterans, young children and their families, was one of the top three moving experiences in my life.

Parents, whose children were receiving assistance dogs, couldn’t wait to show their appreciation to trainers.

It was exciting to share in the joy of the recipients (paws4people “clients”), who had waited a long time for the big moment when their assistance dogs would come home with them, for good.

Since then, it’s been quite an adventure. I have been back to Hazelton several times and I will be making my second trip to Lakin Correctional Facility this Monday. In both places, I have been there when the new puppies arrive to meet their trainers.

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