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My friend Brian told me he was sick of all of the negative stories we are all faced with every day and demanded that I start something about the good things happening in the world. This is a series about people who inspire. While I’m starting with people who have inspired me, I hope at some point, that readers will send me information on people have inspired them.

Blondes Turning Heads in Prison, one of the non-profits I volunteer with, is truly changing the lives of prison inmates, veterans, children and anyone who crosses paths with their programs. It starts with adorable puppies, who begin their training at the Lionheart School working with … Continue reading

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“Miss Beverly is awesome!”

When Beverly Howard was in high school, she aspired to be just like her French teacher, “a beautiful, poised, sophisticated black woman.” Today, Beverly is a dynamic, enthusiastic spitfire and her foster-kid-charges will tell you that she is absolutely perfect … Continue reading

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Non-profit entrepreneur and her young daughter touch hearts

I have found that people come into my life just when I need them. When I need to be challenged, when I need to be supported and especially when I need to be inspired. Like a month or so ago, … Continue reading

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What do you get when you cross a little girl, a dog and some senior citizens?

When I met Kyria (Kir-ee-ay) Henry, she was an adorable, 22-year old co-ed at West Virginia University. But unlike her peers, she wasn’t simply juggling a full class-load, cheerleading and a boyfriend, she was also co-running a very cool non-profit– … Continue reading

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Three Little Boys of Mime

Before I was a photographer, I was a beleaguered internet executive, trying to make sense of 9/11. I left my job and in 2002, became a St. Ann’s Infant and Maternity Home volunteer homework tutor for foster kids, becoming known … Continue reading

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