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My New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

I met a friend for coffee today.  We picked a table in the corner and began brainstorming ways that we could help to make a bigger impact for foster children in our region. We sat long enough that the table … Continue reading

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Bittersweet Holidays

Throughout the year, I deal with the huge disparity between the wonderful client-families and the foster children that I photograph. The foster children who I think of, in many ways, as “my kids.” But it’s never worse than around holiday … Continue reading

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

My husband, Jim, and I decided to spend two months in NYC, before taking a multi-month journey to Alaska with our two beagles. (Episode three of Fred takes America and  Fred and Hank Mark America). But we were having a … Continue reading

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Fred, Hank, Jane and Baby: 48 Hours in the Emergency Room

It’s been a crazy few days with Jim and I returning home from dinner Monday night to find a mostly empty bottle of Advil on the floor, puke everywhere and a pathetic looking beagle. 57 Advil liqui-gel caps were missing. … Continue reading

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48 Hours at the Animal Medical Center in NYC

Those of you followed our travel blog: Fred and Hank Mark America, may not be surprised to hear that one of our beagles, Hank, has gotten into trouble again. Although a scavenger and a thief, he has never been interested … Continue reading

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Making Your Own Luck

My husband and I are living in NYC for a few months. The week we arrived, I noticed a friendly, one-legged man sitting on a street corner near our apartment. I became one of his regulars, going by for my … Continue reading

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Lilly: Four-legged single working Mom

What an amazing week!  Last Sunday night at 9:45pm, the text came in. “Lilly is in labor.”  I arrived at 10:30pm.  Poor Lilly was panting non-stop and obviously uncomfortable.  She had an important job to do; she was giving birth … Continue reading

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