My Newspaper Columns

I was given the opportunity to write for the local Connection Newspapers in 2014, when I was searching for ways to help increase awareness of the plight of kids aging out of foster care.

It’s been great to be able to combine images with writing to enhance my storytelling about things that people locally and across the country can relate to.

In 2015, I won second place for my columns, from the Virginia Press Association.

I now write beyond issues relating to children in foster care. Columns and articles below:

On Interns Past and Lessons Learned

Dog as Lifeline to Vienna Boy with Mitochondrial Disease

Blondes Turning Heads in Prison This is a feature package. I’ve put together all of the pieces together here.

November Is Adoption Month

Nurturing Happy Memories

Puppies Destined for Important Work

Small Acts of Kindness

No, I’m Not a Parent; I Just Act Like One

Assistance Dogs: Making Connections

Envisioning a Launch Pad for Young Adults


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