Blondes Turning Heads in Prison

jbrady_april2014_0685, one of the non-profits I volunteer with, is truly changing the lives of prison inmates, veterans, children and anyone who crosses paths with their programs.

It starts with adorable puppies, who begin their training at the Lionheart School working with children with autism. Later, the puppies are transferred to prison where 0014
male and female inmate trainers with convictions ranging from drugs to murder, train assistance dogs for vulnerable populations of adults and children. I have seen it myself, redemption, even among those who seem the most lost, is possible.

The work is doing strikes a chord for me as many children who age out of foster care end up in the prison system.  In fact, a reported 70 percent of those incarcerated in California have spent time in foster care, 75 percent in Connecticut and 80jbrady_april2014_0062percent in Illinois. And a study of the Midwest found that 60 percent of men who spent time in foster care had been convicted of a crime. is developing a new program, paws4potential, to catch ex-foster and other at-risk kids before they end up in prison.

In the meantime, enjoy this window into the difference a pack of gorgeous four-legged
blondes are making both in-and out-side of West Virginia’s Lakin Correctional, through my package in the Connection Newspapers:0084

Trained in Prison. Healing in Northern Virginia … Beyond Orange is the New Black.

Sharing the Burden of PTSD… Serving 7 – Life

You are not your Mistakes… Life without Parole

If you would prefer the PDF version:  Trained in Prison, Healing in Virginia.



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2 Responses to Blondes Turning Heads in Prison

  1. Debbie H. says:

    Awesome job, as always, Joan. YOU ROCK and thank you for ALL that you do!

  2. Cyndy Porter says:

    You continue to do great work that is changing lives. You are an inspiration.

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